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Color: White
Set: 5 Pairs

Tiny hands on each sock join in an embrace, making for a sweet, heartwarming scene

These socks aren't just cozy, they're a wearable symbol of the bond with your loved ones.

An ideal, unique gift that serves as a reminder of love and connection 🎁

Neutral design and sizes for everyone  👫


🤝 Hand-in-Hand Design

❤️ Symbol of Love
🧦 Comfortable and Cozy
🎁 Perfect Gift
👫 Unisex Design


1. What are Hugsox? Hugsox are innovative socks designed with hands on the socks that touch when they come together. They provide a unique and playful feature, offering a comforting and interactive experience.

2. How do the hands on Hugsox work? The hands on Hugsox are strategically placed on the socks, one on each sock. When you put your feet together, the hands come together, creating a fun and tactile sensation. It's like giving yourself a hug!

3. Are Hugsox available in different sizes? Yes, Hugsox are available in various sizes to ensure a comfortable fit for different foot sizes. We offer sizes ranging from small to extra-large, accommodating both men and women.

4. What materials are Hugsox made of? Hugsox are crafted using high-quality and soft materials to ensure comfort. The exact fabric blend may vary depending on the specific design, but typically includes a combination of cotton, polyester, and elastane or spandex for stretch and durability.

5. Can Hugsox be worn with shoes? Yes, Hugsox can be worn with most types of shoes. They are designed to have a standard sock thickness, allowing them to fit comfortably inside shoes without adding bulk. Whether you're wearing athletic shoes, casual footwear, or even boots, you can enjoy the fun and cozy experience of Hugsox.

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